Our Team


Jay Stivey

Jay is the Event Director for the Move for Mind and is studying the Diploma of Sport Development at Box Hill Institute top development her event management skills and knowledge of event planning and in the sporting field. He has had a passion for active living and fitness for most of his life. He is currently involved at Ringwood Basketball Club working as a sports admirative assistant. 

Jay is extremely passionate about mental health and helping those who struggle, which is why he jumped at the opportunity to help make a difference in the local community by raising funds for the Belgravia Foundation. 


Kyle Hutchings

Kyle is the Head of Finance and HR, he enjoys attending events in the sporting and music industry and has always been curious on what it takes to organize everything leading up to the event. Kyle is completing an internship with Grey Hound Racing Victoria as an events and activations intern and works part-time in the sporting education.

Kyle believes that mental health isn’t talked about as much as it should which creates the problem, as people tend to keep it to themselves. He thinks its important to create further awareness for positive mental health programs, not just internationally but locally.


Ruby Macdonald

Ruby is the Head of Venue Management for Move For Mind and is currently studying at Box Hill Institute to further her knowledge about the sport and fitness industry. She has always had a huge passion for sport and fitness as she has participated in many sports/events throughout her life. She is currently completing placement at InGood Nik Fitness, a local PT (personal trainer) business. Ruby is also going on an exchange program trip to Canada in September to experience sports, events and activities in a different culture with Box Hill Institute. 

Ruby believes that Mental Health is a serious dilemma within our society and youth that affects not only themselves but also the people around them. She hopes that mental health will be taken more seriously which can encourage individuals to speak up, even if their voice shakes and to know that there are people here to help. She also believes that it’s a topic that isn’t well spoken about which causes the problem to increase. Ruby wishes that the Fun Run will encourage people to get outside and take the first step to make a  difference to support and raise money for mental health amongst our community. 


Mitch Arnold

Mitch is the Head of Sponsorship for the move for mind fun run, my role for the event is too is look after and run the drive to get sponsors for the event, This new role that I have taken on has taught me a lot, it has been an awesome experience looking at things from a business aspect and I hope to be able to further my skills.
I play football for my local club and I have seen first hand the impact of mental health and how it can really make people struggle with life, I hope that this event and my impact to the event does help the stigma behind young men with mental health, not to be silent and not hide it away, let people know its okay to hurt and its okay too struggle and to make people believe that they are not alone  


Shannen Barry

Shannen is the Head of Digital Marketing for Move For Mind and has had a passion for sport for many years. Currently studying a Diploma of Sport Development Shannen has always loved being involved in community things and helping where ever she can to make a positive impact on different situations Shannen is currently completing her industry placement at Kilsyth Juniors Football Club being an assistant trainer for the Under 17’s where she has learnt a range of skills when it comes to helping an injured player.. 

Shannen believes that too many people suffer in silence and don’t seek help when they need it, with this fun run we are aiming to help those who are struggling with mental health and cause them to become more positive and know there are people that are there for them.


Jake Murphy

Jake’s role for the fun run is Course Management, I am studying sport development because I have always been interested in playing sport but I wanted to get a better understanding of sport from behind the scenes.  Outside of the course I work part time and I volunteer at the Clyde Fire Brigade as a firefighter.

Mental health issues could affect anyone so I believe events like this can help raise awareness that it is okay to seek help from others, I love doing these types of things and being able to able to support and help people in any way that I can.