Listed below are some of our major sponsors - without them, 'Move for Mind' couldn't take place! So be sure to check them out. Their links are provided, with a short description on the company and their contribution to the Fun Run!

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Belgravia Leisure

Belgravia Leisure are the company that founded the Belgravia Foundation. They are very passionate about supporting leisure in the community, and have 3 main leisure centres around Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. They also partner with companies such as Genesis, to provide leisure opportunities for everyone.


Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute are a leading Victorian provider for TAFE courses, especially in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. They have 3 campuses, including our own Lilydale Lakeside campus. Although they encourage education and courses in many different faculties, the event management students are largely involved in the organisation of this event.


Yarra Ranges Council

Yarra Ranges Council are the council for the Lilydale area. They are a large sponsor through providing us the land to run the event on, and approving and promoting 'Move for Mind' on their website and in their calendar. They have experience in running many other events in the area, and have helped with the organisation of the Fun Run.


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