our roots

The 'Move for Mind Family Fun Run' was created through a collaborative partnership by the Belgravia Foundation and Box Hill Institute (BHI). The aim is to run an event in order to raise funds for local mental health projects, connecting community to leisure. The Fun Run was agreed upon as a way to encourage the community to come together and move their bodies in a positive and social environment, which can improve their mental health. This is where the name ‘Move for Mind’ was created.

The event is being designed and run by Box Hill Institute's 'Sport Development Diploma' students'. The event management students at the Lilydale Lakeside campus have each been allocated roles in the direction, marketing and operations of the event (read more in the ‘team’ tab). This aims to promote further education in the Yarra Valley region and link the event more closely to the regions communities.

Mental health is an important attribute for everyone involved in the organisation of ‘Move for Mind'. Many of the students and staff at Belgravia and BHI have been affected by mental health either personally, or within their families. The event date (Sept 15th) was chosen as it leads into Victoria’s mental health week.

As well as mental health, a focus on families is also important to us. To encourage families to participate, we have provided a 2.5km walk - one lap of Lillydale Lake. There will also be entertainment on the day, such as face painting, and more.

Any proceeds made from this event will go to the Belgravia Foundation to be spent on LOCAL community projects connected to the Yarra Ranges sport and recreation sites. To learn more, visit the ‘Belgravia Foundation’ tab, or www.belgraviafoundation.org.au.