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Lillydale Lake

Starting at 8:30am

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Belgravia Foundation

The Belgravia Foundation was created by the Belgravia Group to help connect people with a disability, of diversity and those who experience disadvantage to sport, aquatic, fitness, recreation and health programs. This occurs primarily in the communities in which Belgravia Leisure, Wellness, Genesis Fitness, Ninja Park and Coaching Zone operate facilities in Australia. This includes the sport and recreation facilities in the Yarra Ranges Council.



We believe in giving back to the community and with a strong community focus, we encourage everyone to get involved. Whether you, personally, a loved one, or even a neighbour has experienced mental health issues, the Fun Run aims to bring everyone together. 'Move for Mind' aims to combine the benefits of physical fitness on mental health. Getting out there and moving in a positive, community environment is great for everyone!


our mission

The aim of the fun run is to raise awareness about the benefits of movement and exercise for mental health and to fundraise for mental health focused community projects in the Yarra Ranges Aquatic and Recreation facilities.